QuoteWerks - Zoho CRM Sync App Details

  1. Zoho CRM Accounts and Contacts can be synced to QW automatically. (One-way: Zoho CRM -> QuoteWerks. Example: contact name, company name, address, email, phone...)

  2. QuoteWerks Quote and Sales Order information can be synced to Zoho CRM Potentials/Deals module (One-way: QuoteWerks -> Zoho CRM. Example: total amount, sales rep name, due date, status...)

  3. No installation needed if QuoteWerks SQL database can be accessed online.

  4. QuoteWerks - Zoho CRM Sync App is also available to download and install locally if your QuoteWerks SQL database is local and cannot be accessed online.

  5. Extra Zoho CRM Workflow Rules can be set up in Zoho CRM, so can perform extra automations such as: notifications, assign task(s), update other fields, custom function(s), webhooks…

  6. Including up to 5 hours free Zoho CRM consulting and implementation by Certified Zoho CRM Consultant.

  7. What information do I need to prepare before using the QuoteWerks-Zoho CRM Sync App?

    • Zoho Auth Token for accessing customer's Zoho CRM account through Zoho CRM APIs and QuoteWerks database connection info
    • SQL database server location, login credentials, database instance
    • Field Mappings
  8. What features does QuoteWerks-Zoho CRM Sync App provide?

    • Instant sync by clicking the "Sync Now" button or sync data in 5 minutes.
    • Reports available showing how many records have been synced each day.
    • Zoho CRM API usage reports, log files and other statistic reports.
  9. What will Data8Cloud service cost?

    • There is a one-time installation charge ($490) and a monthly subscription fee ($49/month)
  10. How can I get support for the service?

Also, please let us know:

  1. What database you are using for your QuoteWerks? MS SQL or MS Access? Currently the Sync app only works with QuoteWerks MS SQL database. You can find the information at QuoteWerks -> Help -> System. This screenshot can help you to find that out.

  2. Where is your QuoteWerks currently located? Is it in your desktop PC or network? Or other cloud based server?

  3. You might have extra custom fields / or extra modules need to be synced as well, let me know if that is the case.