Description about app

Automatically synchronize QuoteWerks and Zoho CRM data; Instant sync by clicking the "Sync Now" button or sync data in 5 minutes; Reports available showing how many records have been synced each day, as well as Zoho CRM API usage reports, log files and other statistic reports.

Zoho CRM Accounts and Contacts can be synced to QW automatically.

QuoteWerks Quotes and Orders information can be synced to Zoho CRM Potentials/Deals module.

No installation needed if QuoteWerks SQL database can be accessed online.

QW-ZCRM Sync App is also available to download and install on-premises if your QuoteWerks SQL database is local and can not be accessed online.

Extra Zoho CRM Workflow Rules can be set up in Zoho CRM, so can perform extra automations.

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