SquareUp (www.squareup.com) - ZohoBooks Synchronization

  1. Get all the SquareUp new orders/transactions in a regular basis or on demand. (Including line items, tax, location, customer info, and other order related info)

  2. Save that info to ZohoBooks invoices.
    1. If the customer/email can't be found in ZohoBooks, create the customer record first.

    2. If a product can't be found in ZohoBooks Items module (very rare, but possible), create the item in ZohoBooks first.

    3. Once the customer info and item info are all available, then create invoice.

  3. Create the payment record in ZohoBooks automatically.

  4. Create a Deal record in Zoho CRM Deals module automatically and associate with the newly created ZohoBooks invoice/Square invoice.
    1. That will help us to do the "follow up" later based on the product(s) purchased.

    2. In the deal record we can also save the Square Invoice ID so we know it is from Square account, that might help for reporting and analysis purposes in the future.


  1. SquareUp-ZohoBooks sync app main UI:

  2. SquareUp-ZohoBooks auto sync settings:

  3. SquareUp order/transaction saved in ZohoBooks as a paid Invoice: