ISN ( - Zoho CRM Synchronization

The Sync App is an application that allows you to synchronize your INS ( data seamlessly to Zoho CRM in every 1 minute.

With that, you can start to automate your business workflows in Zoho CRM efficiently, such as: assign records to Zoho CRM users based on whatever criteria (i.e. County, Lead Status...), automatically send email notifications, follow ups, SMS, create tasks, meetings, reports and etc.

Once the key information has been sent to Zoho CRM, now you can also start to use other Zoho applications such as: Zoho Social, Zoho Projects, Zoho Books, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Campaigns

ISN to Zoho (one-way sync):

First, we start with the ISN’s Scheduled Inspections (Orders) which holds a lot of different information including the:

  1. Client information

  2. Buyer’s Agent information

  3. Seller’s Agent information

  4. Subject Property information

  5. Inspector's / Date & Time information

  6. Fees information

All of the information mentioned above can be synchronized into Zoho (across modules even to custom modules) depending on your requirement, but since this is for an Order we will mainly synchronize this to the Zoho CRM Deals module, and some parts of the ISN order information can be saved in the other Zoho CRM modules which its concept is the same (i.e. INS Clients, Buyers, and Sellers information to Zoho CRM Contacts module).


  1. ISN order’s “Client” information saved in Zoho CRM Contacts module:

  2. ISN Order’s “Property” information saved in Zoho CRM Deals module:

  3. ISN Order’s “Inspectors” information saved in Zoho CRM custom module, and linked with Deals module:

  4. ISN Order’s “Buyer’s Agent” and “Seller’s Agent” information saved in Zoho CRM Accounts and Contacts modules:

  5. ISN Order’s “Fee” information saved in Zoho CRM custom module: “Fees” and associated with the Deal record: